David Hatfield Photography in the news!!

CNN producer note
David Hatfield, 31, shares this photo of the bioluminescent red tide at Torrey Pines State Beach in San Diego, California. He says: ‘The best way I can describe it to others is that the water looks to be electrified when the waves crash. When you walk down the beach the sand leaves a glowing foot print behind. It very much feels like you are visiting the ocean of an alien planet.’ The photo was taken on the evening of September 27.
– elchueco, CNN iReport producer

iReport —
A strong red tide along the San Diego County coastline is causing brilliant neon blue bioluminescence that’s visible at night as tiny light-producing organisms get stirred up as the waves break.
This image was captured at 11pm at Torrey Pines State Beach by Photographer: David Hatfield