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“March Against Monsanto” – San Diego

SAN DIEGO, Ca. On Saturday activists from around the world united to march against Monsanto, including here in San Diego. Monsanto is a large company that sells seeds to farmers with traits developed through bio-technology, and crop protection chemicals. Protestors say research shows Monsanto's genetically-modified foods can lead to serious health conditions, including tumors, infertility and birth defects. Congress recently signed an act banning courts from halting the sale of Monsanto's GMO seeds and protestors say it's not right. Activists encourage folks to buy organic and boycott Monsanto-owned...

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Havasu Falls Photos

Havasu Falls Night photography Havasu Falls Photos  An evening of exploring the falls under the starts- Astro photography Grand Canyon Spent the night of my 33rd Birthday at one of the most beautiful scenes imaginable.  The is my best attempt to bring it back home and share it with you all. This Havasu Falls Night photography is in tribute and memory of my friend Wyat Keith Drewes. Image captured May 9, 2013 Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon Photographer: David B Hatfield Havasu Falls stands at 120 feet high. The water really is this amazing color due to the high content of lime present in the water. This...

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Suspension session for Matt’s 35th Bday with Stay Classy Suspension of San diego

sus·pen·sion The act of suspension is hanging the human body from (or partially from) hooks pierced through the flesh in various places around the body.Yesterday I was invited to a private event unlike anything I have ever experienced. The crew from Stay Classy Suspensions, founded by William Danger Robinson, would assist and facilitate a 2 point chest suspension for their friend Matt. Matt had decided for his 35th birthday to push the human experience and attempt his first full chest suspension. While these images may be hard for some to look at, I found the entire process and experience...

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